Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Impacted Molars

Brighter Teeth

From Educational Security Incidents via Pogo comes this terrifying story of privacy laden scratch paper from the land of the gigantic stone Texan. Apparently Sam Houston State U. uses a student ID number that is not their SSN. Hooray! But they do sometimes print out sheets that correlate the student ID with the SSN for the math lab to use as scratch paper. Boo! But this was strictly against policy, and was surely attributable to the Soviets since:

"After a security briefing last summer, we no longer use SSN's, we only use Sam ID numbers to keep Identity Fraud down," Harris said. "It is against the University's procedures to use SSN, so if it prints off, we automatically white the information out." [emphasis all mine]
Teacher's high indeed!

Fresher Breath
From Dark Reading, a grim story of my home town, in which it is portrayed as a the hipsterest most l337 joint for the securi-hacker community. The worst part is that it mentions my coffee shop. I'll never feel safe using wi-fi again. (Actually, I usually limit myself to consumption of paper based information at coffee shops. But that's just me.) (And the coffee shop is not the one that is fully populated with jaded 21 year old grad students.) (It's the other one.)

Extra tooth
I agree with this comment to this Dark Reading article on the e-Gold dust-up. However, I believe that the phrase "going for the juggler" was an error. I've generally expressed the sentiment as "going for the juggalo." The powers that be are generally in a state of going for the juggalo.

Romanian toothpaste from Jessamyn

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