Monday, July 16, 2007

Privacy is a Technological Imperative

My seasonal July funk has been working on me and my attitude, but not so much that I can't find some perverse humor in the slashdot discussion on privacy as a biological imperative.

Ms. Sweeney's correlation of privacy to the stealth required by the predator stalk and consume prey was latched on to by the /.ers like an antelope at a watering hole. I don't see it myself. There is a fundamental difference between the biological need to eat and personal need for privacy. The development of information technologies creates the need for personal identity, and creates the tools to destroy it. Examples include the portable camera (which drove Warren & Brandeis to define the right to privacy in the context of the US Constitution), the telephone, punch-cards and TCP/IP.

These aren't new or original thoughts, but just how I see it.

Lion enjoying a private moment courtesy hannes.steyn.

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