Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Dental countdown:

4. Juicy stuff from re: The Auditors on SocGen.

Latest news out of France has Finance Minister Christine's Lagarde's report saying that in addition to controls being lax, (duh!), someone who understand the controls should have never been able to be a trader.
With all due respect to Ms. Lagarde, this is ridiculous. Just look at their annual report. They've got "controls" up the wazoo...This is a lame, puppy-dog, excuse.
It's the management, stupid!

3. On the local front, an unhappy IT laborer hacks into bosses e-mail, sends naughty messages.
The affidavit says that Das told Southerland he was holding the Web site hostage until he received his paycheck. Though Southerland said that checks weren’t being dispersed until the following week, Das hacked into Southerland’s e-mail account and sent e-mails to Southerland’s clients and family defaming the company, according to the affidavit.
One of the hostage servers was a database for a site called Rotten Neighbors, where you can be a neighborhood fussbudget without putting on your slippers and yelling at passing cars in your driveway. Such an operation may not provide a gruntle-rich environment that would provide the last paycheck patience that is in such short supply nowadays.

2. And if we learned anything from SocGen, we learned that misbehaving employees are not always motivated by greed, as local community radio KOOP learned recently as they were arsonized. Like French bankers, they were SHOCKED that a buzz kill playlist would lead to wanton destruction of assets.

1. From toohotfortnr, this article identifies scooters as weapons of insurgency. Have we learned nothing?

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