Monday, April 28, 2008

Cruel But Fair: The IT Auditor's Ball

There is no need to remind me how I dislike Las Vegas. As the woman walking away from the conference this afternoon said, "casinos are full of weird people." And she wasn't talking about her fellow information systems governance professionals.

Well, I'm almost live blogging the event (no wireless connectivity? 20 lbs of printed procedings? CACS is old school, baby!) from the IT Audit bloggers meetup (the attendees so far: me & a bottle of cheap scotch).
So what did I learn on my first day at the North American Computer Audit Control and Security Conference?

1. Dumb user jokes still get a laugh. The dumb user jokes need to end now. Really. It adds nothing, and only confirms everyone's opinion that security and audit people are arrogant and condescending. More on this later.

2. The "I am not a lawyer" defense to compliance. If something is too unpleasant, or unsavory, yet explicitly outlined in law and regulation, there is a tendency to punt the enforcement to legal. Cause, you don't want to practice law without a license. You know, cops aren't lawyers, either. Nonetheless they enforce the laws. This is an issue that can be solved, and likely has been, between auditors, security practitioners and lawyers.

3. The ice machine on the 13th floor of the Rio is broken. This is the thoughest lesson I've learned. But experience is a bitter and effective teacher.

4. Can gaussian distributions be helpful in analysis of breach disclosure? My butt was in the wrong seat to attend this talk, but the slides were curious (mostly because the color-coding in the pie charts didn't work in the B&W procedings). I would have been interested in hearing how that would work. I don't have the depth in stats to have flung anything at the presenter, but I may have had the guts to shout "HERETIC."

Soundtrack for today: "Raving & Drooling"


alex said...

"Can gaussian distributions be helpful in analysis of breach disclosure?"

There's a joke here, but I don't know how to make it.

Dutcher Stiles said...

Try harder! Please!