Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Wisdom of Mobs

Alex mentions stock prices as a potential input into information risk assessment. I'm skeptical of the value of market driven metrics, and the collective wisdom of the market's crowd in assessing value of an asset. The forces driving stock prices in the short term are not afraid to work with rumor, fact, unrelated fact, remotely disjointed misreported fact and insinduendo.* Corporate stock value can be maintained by close Internet monitoring of cowboy executives, especially if you are in the vicinity of 6th and Lamar in Austin, Texas (a couple of e-mail datapoints: GSD&M and Whole Foods ) Must be something in the bottled water. I've said it before (probably), bad stuff will happen long term if you are a third party managing privacy related data, and you blow it. Because your customers will likely have better information, and have the power to put a long term hurt on your bottom line. If you come clean.

And, of course, out asswards talking I am.

And why haven't I written more in the last few months? I'll let my son answer that:

*not a word, but I like it anyway.

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Alex said...

Hahahahaha. He's awesome.

I think I was sorting out my trouble with using stock price. If you think quantifying risk is tough, trying to quantify why a stock price goes up or down over some period of time....