Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Questions than answers

This evening has been spent practicing for my SXSW day show: a brief discussion about privacy for which some auditors will be getting CPE. As a result, I have also spent the evening listening to my voice slowly decay into a burbling croak.

But, I was happy that IT Security published what's on their blog feed. Some good stuff there, and I'm definitely subscribing to fellow Texan McKeay's keenly honed published thoughts. He nailed the county clerk bit better than I could. I could have saved some electrons and blood vessels if I read him first.

Speaking of privacy, my favorite bass player got in the mail a solicitation to participate in clinical study of some new medicine that replaces some prescription med. The suggested way to sign up was to go to a url: http://MYWIFESNAME.DRUGCOMPANYNAME.COM. That seemed odd. Half of me want to do some DNS-fu on the beast, see what names I can get (if any), and see what information I can gather. The other half of me is mildly outraged but barely has the energy to google to finder others in equivalently mild states of outrage. The third half feels like having a scotch and going to bed. Strictly for medicinal purposes. In Balvenie veritas.

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