Thursday, March 22, 2007

Panopticon Enabled Desktops Increase Productivity!

From Dark Reading, the joys of workforce monitoring software with Ascentive!:

"We call it 'workforce activity management,'" says Schran. "Our latest edition provides all the insight necessary to eliminate time-wasting, increase productivity, and protect private company data."
Or, in the words of Ascentive's VP of Customer Relations Jeremy Bentham,

Morals reformed - health preserved - industry invigorated - instruction diffused - public burthens lightened - Economy seated, as it were, upon a rock - the gordian knot of Gramm Leach Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley are not cut, but untied - all by a simple idea in Software Architecture!
More from Dark Reading:

Perhaps even more importantly, employee monitoring tools can deter workers from insider activities such as data theft or unauthorized file access, Schran adds. "If your employees are downloading files to a USB device, our software will record that action," he says. "Our data has already been used in evidentiary proceedings in court."

But I prefer the hot buzz on this product from their EU Product Evangelist Michel Foucault:

The heaviness of the old 'houses of security', with their fortress-like architecture, could be replaced by the simple, economic geometry of a 'house of certainty'. The efficiency of power, its constraining force have, in a sense, passed over to the other side - to the side of its surface of application. He who is subjected to a field of visibility, and who knows it, assumes responsibility for the constraints of power; he makes them play spontaneously upon himself; he inscribes in himself the power relation in which he simultaneously plays both roles; he becomes the principle of his own subjection. By this very fact, the external power may throw off its physical weight; it tends to the non-corporal; and, the more it approaches this limit, the more constant, profound and permanent are its effects: it is a perpetual victory that avoids any physical confrontation and which is always decided in advance.

And they say security software people don't read post-structuralist French philosophers. Heck, Foucault is all around you! I running a Jacques Derrida Packet Sniffer & Deconstructor right now! Or am I?

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