Wednesday, April 4, 2007

One Man's Trash

The righteous fury of Texas Attorney Abbott was last month stymied by an elite cadre of county clerk ninjas who conjured a shambling legislative behemoth to crush his valiant effort to protect the privacy of Texans.
Abbott screwed his courage to the sticking place, and was not to be denied.

Laying down the latex gauntlet, and taking a dog-eared chapter from a 1987 hacker's playbook, he strikes a meaty vein of SSN laden paydirt in the dumpsters of Radio Shack, a beauty school and a talent agency.

Having done of bit of professional dumpster diving myself, I laud the AG's efforts. Nothing increases a man's disposal awareness more than seeing a dude in a suit digging through garbage.

No doubt the most disturbing part of the story is the sample recovered receipt displayed on the AG's website. I mean, $99.97 for a 2 GB portable drive? With $17.99 for a 12 month warranty? Now that's obscene.

Illustration courtesy Speas.

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