Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sweet Fancy Moses

Lots of odd stuff (mostly from Pogo & Fergie):

Why Justice Went Blind The courthouse security folks in El Paso County can see you nekkid.
"The new machine will not replace the metal detectors already in use at the judicial complex. Instead, it will replace two of the security guards who use wands to screen entrants that set-off the metal detectors. The board of commissioners estimates by replacing the guards with the body scanner the county will save $64,704 a year."
Outstanding! You can see my ass, and fire two guards!

Consumers Are JUMPY! "77 percent of Javelin's respondents said they intend to stop shopping at sites that have experienced data breaches." Well, I'm firing Trans Union, the IRS & Travis County!

ID Theft-O-Meter! - Hold on, where do I put the cost of monitoring my own credit, talking to the police, time spent in jail on false arrest, higher interest rates after a company is careless with my own date? Oh... It for the corporations that lost it. The REAL victims!

NETCOSM! - Just plain cool. I remember something similar years ago, where you used DOOM maps to kill processes on FreeBSD. Yes! PSDOOM.

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