Monday, June 11, 2007

The Italian Job

Odd ball kidnapping heist documented at MCN and Roadracing World illustrates the danger of the insider beyond the pilfered laptop or unexpired system credentials.

Apparently the Alto Evolution World Superbike team "reduced the responsibilities" of Sergio Bertocchi, their erstwhile manager, after the race at Monza a while back.

On the way back to Italy from the most recent race at Silverstone, UK, the Alto truck gets hijacked at a border crossing. According to the Alto Evolution press release:

The driver was kidnapped for more than six hours and the truck diverted. The driver was able to escape in Bruxelles - Belgium, where he alerted the police and confirmed the names of the people of the gang which had kidnapped him and stolen the truck. Amongst the members of the gang have been recognised four people: one of them was Mr. Sergio Bertocchi.
Policemen from Belgium have immediately started investigations and, at the same time, Carabinieri in Italy have been alerted. Investigations have gone on strenuously and with outmost secrecy. On the 6th a van of ours was sent to Trieste to recover other spare parts and accessories still in Trieste's warehouse. On the way back, in the first rest/service area out of Trieste, the same criminals have stolen the van and its content. Unluckily for them, following a great effort of electronic interception and lots of their's tailing, law-enforcement personnel has had the opportunity to see the criminals in action in first person. Carabinieri have been on the van's tail for a couple of hours and at last they have recovered the vehicle and its content and put them under sequestration.

Meanwhile the subject liable for theft have been blocked.
On Friday the 8th Carabinieri have given us communication that the truck has been found and is now in a safe place in Trieste, again judges have disposed sequestration of the goods.

Although it reads as if they got Alto's rider Muggas to do the translating directly from Italian to Tweed Headsian blindfolded, at first blush appears to be a story of justice served. The former manager plays the archetypical role of the disgruntled employee who turns against his employer by hacking, vandalizing, stealing office supplies, truck hijacking and/or kidnapping. His fiendish plot is foiled due to surveillance and electronic tracking. Chalk one up to the gallant carabinieri and their high tech tracking equipment!

And interesting question regarding identity, though. Did former manager Sergio use his identity to gain confidence and access to the truck? Seems that would be an enormously boneheaded maneuver for a hijacker. I've got issues trying to correlate the motivation of the attacker with his techniques.

Maybe it was just a denial of service attack. Check that word "sequestration" in the above quote, on which the Alto Evolution team elaborates:
This, and only this, is the reason for which we will not be able to partecipate to the race in Misano on the 17th of June.
Not too difficult to imagine Sergio in his Italian jail cell rubbing his hands together, mumbling about how they'll never race in Misano...never in Misano..

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