Thursday, January 21, 2010


Read this bit of oddness from the Statesman this morning - "Pflugerville man posed as model online to elicit cash." A young man with "very effeminate voice" managed to spend four years shaking down lonely men for cash while posing as model Bree Condon, who (according to a quick Google image search) poses mostly whilst bikini'd.

I appreciate the opportunity seized by the falsettoed Pfugervillian. And, of course, Ms. Condon should have checked her credit reports and shredded her bank statements to prevent this identity theft.

Wait, that wouldn't have worked. More from the article:

Her reputation also has taken an online beating.

A commenter — the person used the name Justin Brown — on the Web site said Condon was "really sweet at first, then it's $5,000 a month just to be one of her boyfriends."

Another wrote, "She scams men for money and she is extremely psychotic."

Gracious. It's reputation theft. But only among a slightly deluded public who can "date" a 24 year old man in Pflugerville and think he's a female model.

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