Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kim Possible vs. The TSA

or the Mysterious Case of Kim and the Rights of Parking.
Briefly put, a City Council member wants to meet and greet visiting dignitaries at the airport gate, not at baggage claim. The memo that came with her special airport free parking badge (sweet!) appears to confer this privilege. Councilwoman Kim figured (not unreasonably, looking at the memo linked on the Statesman site), that the parking badge was like a home generated Northwest Airlines boarding pass.

But the memo was outdated, and caprice of the TSA being as it is, the offer of gateside greetings had expired. Kerfluffle (or a dust-up, maybe) ensues. City Manager sorts things out.

Personally, I think free airport parking is a pretty good perk in itself, especially if it's in the covered garage rather than in lot F (also known as Rosanky). And Austin Bergstrom beyond the security checkpoint is a not a bad destination with live music and good bar-b-q. (I've had friends who've had gigs there, but none of the regulars showed up. Go figure.) All reasonable folks know that security should be checked at the gate, so you don't have a race condition between check-in and boarding. Unfortunately, the set of TSA policy makers is not a subset of reasonable folks.

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