Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shake Hands With Danger

or the Mysterious Case of the Substitute Teacher and the Depraved Pop Ups. Krebs has the details, more or less. And some comments. Lotsa comments.
I am of several minds on this incident.

The Forensics
Network Performance Daily has a couple of CSI:Connecticut posts the about the forensic evidence from folks who have seen it.
The Defense - The few details included don't support forensic discipline. The statement "[d]uring the copy process we received several "Security Alerts!" from our antivirus program" appears to indicate that the forensic data was being copied (not imaged) over to a general purpose computer (that runs antivirus). Generally, forensics is done off an image mounted as read-only. Copied files don't have much in the way of chain of custody, and copying data can change some of its properties.
The Prosecution - This post is just unreadable. I can't tell what's going on, but that the cop may have used a forensic program to examine the data.

I mean, whatever. The forensic evidence doesn't really establish who was at the keyboard when the nasty images came up. Could have been seventh graders, could have been the teacher. The teacher didn't shut off the computer (or even turn off the monitor) when she left the room, though. I mean, in the words of G.O.B. "COME ON!"

So Shake Hands With Danger
When you log on to the Internet, you shake hands with danger. Computers are dangerous. If you aren't checked out on the equipment, you shouldn't operate it! You could be a danger to yourself and those around you. Don't end up like Three Fingered Joe!

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