Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Safe Internet Day

I find few concepts as boring as "Safe Internet Day." Except maybe "Is Open Source as Secure as Closed Source?" I mean good grief. If it weren't for my incredibly uncomfortable shoes digging trenches into my Achilles tendon, I would have fallen asleep just thinking about writing the above sentence.

How about a pretty chart and a map with like scans and stuff on it?

Still pretty boring.

To hold off the stultification, I've decided to rename the blog. Also, there are other blogs out there about being alone, or cheese, or being alone with cheese, that I feel would dilute my burgeoning brand. And maybe not everyone gets the Omar reference.

So the new name will be:

"Another Set of Teeth" - from "Teeth" by the Mekons

What, no, not another set of teeth
each crisis bites, but not so deep.
What, no, not another set of teeth
And through the shadows we always creep.
I think "through the shadows we always creep" is part of the CISSP Code of Ethics, but I'd have to look it up.

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