Friday, February 16, 2007

Too important to be left to the generals

Interesting discussion on the secret language of security.

Which shovetails nicely into a panel discussion I saw yesterday. An assortment of CSOs and a Forrester analyst discussed the future of security. Essentially all the tech stuff is being outsourced, and the head of security is being molded into a Risk Officer. I can infer from this that the tech stuff (firewalls, antivirus, and the three letter acronyms) can scale. But the risk cannot. Risk is corporation's own, to be honed, polished and cherished like a treasured logo that no can quite figure out what it means. Risk is the new black, a point made elsewhere, and with more vigor.

One of the CSOs also mentioned that privacy will be shoved aside as a compliance thing, over with the lawyers. I stifled my desire to spring up and shout "HERESY!" for fear that it would awake my CEU seeking comrades from their deep and well deserved slumber.

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