Thursday, February 8, 2007

Stupid, powerless, uneducated.

Infoworld on a session at RSA: The Cybercrime Blame Game.
Although a conference center ballroom may not be conducive to rational discourse (see: US Political Party Conventions), this discussion appears a bit over the top:

  • More people complaining about identity theft does not necessarily mean there is more identity theft. I'm sure there was a dramatic increase in complaints about anthrax without a corresponding increase in anthrax attacks. (See the corresponding stat later in the article citing an 11.5% decrease in dollar losses due to identity theft.)
  • FTC Gorman is right: Calling people stupid doesn't solve anything. I've never been a fan of Winkler's ideas nor his rhetorical method.
  • The job of an ISP is to move packets, not to sit in loco parentis for everyone with a broadband connection. (Why was this applauded? Were all the NANOG guys still in Toronto?)
  • What makes an empowered consumer is not education, but power. Give the consumer the right and responsibility to take care of their own data. Not the credit bureau, federal law enforcement, the ISPs or Wal-Mart. The consumer. Build an infrastructure around that idea. The consumer isn't stupid, he just doesn't care and when he does care, he has no standing. Maybe the empowered consumer idea is just too European.

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