Monday, August 20, 2007

I Feel That It's Almost Crime

Imagine Monster put a click-through license on the malware, adjusted the privacy policy a tad (include an opt-out for additional "services"), and voila! It's not a privacy breach, it's an additional revenue stream! The 1.6M bits of Monster job hunter data is at least as hot as the Glengarry leads.

Imagine that Certegy/Fidelity records were not sent in wild cascading romp through the land of data brokery by the actions of a rogue database administrator, but through a perfectly legal contract. (As Mr. Certegy assures us, the data was sold to legitimate data brokers.) So the whole thing is a just a crossed "T" or dotted "I" away from being 110% on the up and up. Instead of class action, we'd be talking steak knives and Eldorados!

It's just semantics. "Data broker" = "Identity Thief." "Lead Generation" with "Privacy Breach."
It's all the same. But the Yukon keeps me up all night, and it feels like it's almost crime.

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