Thursday, August 2, 2007

Impacted Molars: Pay Hell Gettin' It Done Edition

Random Eye-tooth:
I've been reading the Counterinsurgency Manual, and I'm figuring there is some analogue to a corporate approach to minimize the "insider threat."

Mr. Loblaw describes a grisly example of privacy abuse in a recent decision du jour, selecting the choicest text of a 6th Circuit decision so I don't have to. But I will.

As the plaintiffs’ complaint explains, prisoners have threatened and taunted the officers, often incorporating the plaintiffs’ social security numbers (which they have committed to memory) into the taunts. Some prisoners wrote the social security numbers of some of the plaintiffs on slips of paper that they threw out of their cells.
Now that's what I call abuse of NPI, a sort of SSN gassing. But do the plaintiffs get relief? No.

[T]he guards’ social securities numbers are not sensitive enough and the threat of retaliation from prisoners was not substantial enough to warrant constitutional protection.
Ride the NPI Country:
Courtesy the continual compendium of outrages privacy related, i.e, Pogo, come this story hashes ID crime stats. The conclusion it appears to draw is that Big Sky Country is a den of ID thieves. All the big increases in identity crime occur in North Dakota and Montana, with the notable exception of Springfield, IL, which can be attributed to Groundskeeper Willie and Apu. Considering that there are more people in my MSA than all of Montana or North Dakota, I wish I could get a thorough look at the stats. Not so bad that I'm going to request data from a "marketing@" e-mail address, which ID Analytics requires.

Computer Security for Trainables:
From the Chronicle tech blog, the winners of Educause's security awareness video contest. I dunno. These videos will not be a part of my infosec counterinsurgency program. No beat, can't dance to 'em.

"Sweet fancy moses": the whole shocking story. Discuss.

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