Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Market Fresh

A curious discussion of terror risk, and a terror prediction futures market by some GMU economist types and at the Chronicle's Footnoted blog.

I don't know enough to about econ to assess the value of such a market, but I do wish that some one would set up a Privacy Breach Futures Market so we could make the security analystas put their magic quadrants where their mouths are. (Or vice versa: whichever would be more unpleasant.) Viz, the TJX OMG!!1! MILLIONS IN PWNAGE!! NO!!BILLIONS! analysis found on Computerworld. Maybe something more along the lines of buying squares in a football pool would offer as much predictive value as the collective voices of these cats.

Photo courtesy The Prodigal Son.

And yes, this is the second consecutive post with a Broken Social Scene related title. Because Broken Social Scene are one of my top five most favorite things that are Canadian.

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